Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chosen Animatior

For my research blog I have chosen to look at the life and works of Ub Iwerks (born - Ubbe Ert Iwwerks). I have chosen to look at Ub as Disney cartoons/films are a huge reason of why I chose to pursue a degree in Animation.

Originally I had no idea about early Disney or really much about how Disney got started. When our first few lectures were on early Disney I really looked forward to getting to know the background to one of my favourite animation studios.  When we got into the lectures the name Ub Iwerks was coming up quite a lot and my interest in this name/person really piqued when I was at home and decided to watch Alice in Wonderland and as the starting credits were rolling I saw that the animation and drawing lines had his name next to it, this then prompted me to research him further.

At the end of this research I hope to have gained more knowledge about the man behind the name, who he was and the way he worked.    

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