Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The End..

Sadly all good things come to an end and Disney's sudden death caused Ub a great deal of pain as that was his best and oldest friend, the one man he both needed and sought approval from, who he could bounce his ideas around with and get a positive reaction.   This was a really sad time for Ub but it didn't deter him from his work and I think the reason he carried on working at Disney for the next 5 years until he was 70 was because he didn't want to let his friend down, he wanted to still create amazing things in his name.  However even Ub didn't last to much longer and he finally succumbed to a heart attack on July 7th 1971.

Ub was buried at Forrest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, LA.  People can still go and see his grave today.

Regarding Ub's death John Kenworthy said in the GEO Interview; 'He worked all the way to the end.  I think that's the true story of Ub Iwerks.  His work ethic was the most important thing to him.  It was the summer of 1971.  He had obviously had a stroke some time that morning, but he denied it to himself.  He went to the studio and just kept on working.  His left hand became limp and useless so he would use his right hand to maneuver it.  His staff finally convinced him to go to the hospital where he died on the morning of July 7th 1971.  Very sad: here was this great man was constantly driven to solve problems.  This was one problem he couldn't solve.'

This quote backs up everything I have learnt about Ub from doing this research blog.  He was dedicated to his craft from the minute he got that job at Pesman-Rubin Commerical Art to the day he died.  It has been difficult at times to research into his life as it is not as well documented on as Walt Disney's but I have enjoyed the challenge immensely and I'm sure I channeled my inner Ub to do this as he loved challenges.

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