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Early Work with Disney

< Early Shot of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks

After a year of working at Pesman-Rubin they were both made redundant.  So as they had become good friends they decided to form their own business called - Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.  However this joint venture was not meant to be as while Ub was working on creating mood boards and mast heads for ideas, Walt was using his talents as a business man to try and get some work for their company but found and managed to get them both a job at Kansas City Slide Club.  

During their time at the company they both learnt the fundamentals of animated film.  Which at this date it was still relatively getting started and more and more interest was being shown to the style.   They were both inspired further after watching Winsor McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur as this was a technique they wanted to explore further.  

Personally I can see why they wanted to explore this technique further as it is very captivating both for the audience and for animators.  I wonder if after watching this Disney wanted to research into it more from a business perspective as Gertie put Winsor McCay on the map and to me it's clear that this is what Disney aspired to achieve and what he obviously did but I bet Ub looked at it from a more creative view and it probably inspired him to push his work further to see if he could create work like this.  

This is what he did as whilst Disney had left Kansas City Slide Club to pursue other projects which Ub sometimes helped out on he stayed to work at Kansas City Slide Club.  Most likely because he was more interested in working and having a job as he still might have been looking out for his mum and family and more concerned in providing for them.  Which at the time was still needed as women were still meant to be the 'housekeeper' and not the provider.  This I think was very sensible of Ub to do this as by staying at the company he could be sure of earning his living whilst Disney was off starting a company and then declaring bankruptcy and I think that if Ub had continued to be by Disney's side at this time in their lives their friendship would have been put to the test and maybe not have continued into the early stages of the Disney Corporation that I know and love today. 

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