Wednesday, 11 January 2012


After researching into Steamboat Willie, I came across a book written by John Kenworthy and Leslie Iwerks, I wasn't allowed to check this book out of the library for some reason and when I went back for it the next day when I had more time it was gone but I did take this picture of the back cover of the book.

I thought the back of this book was so cool as it was just Ub's drawings from the cartoon and seeing them was so amazing and so was the book I just wish I had had more time when I found it by chance to really read it.  The two Mickey Drawings on here where it is just him alone so the sass that Mickey has lost over the years and I think thats a big part of why I loved this book cover.  The drawing in the bottom left hand is from the Oswald series and looking between Mickey and Oswald its clear to me that they have the same creator; Ub.  They are pretty similar because of his drawing style and I just thought it was a cool cover and that it should be included in this blog as there's not much picture wise which shows Ub's drawings in such a clear way.  

Iwerks, L. and Kenworthy, J. (2001) The Hand Behind the Mouse, N/A: Disney Editions, [Accessed: Wednesday 11th January 2012]

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